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Events on the site

We have different kind of events each year at the camp site. Everyone who stays at the site are welcome to join our events. It is always a pleasure and we look forward to welcome new members and old friends.

New Years eve

A lot of campers visit us during new years eve. during the evening we gather up, cheer and then enjoy the fireworks show, from the local Marienlyst hotel and all the lights from Helsingborg, Sweden in the horizon. Even the camp site brings its own fireworks.

Whitsun morning 23th of may.

On Whitsun morning, we arrange a dip into the cold water at the beach, followed by breakfast. Later we arrange a Whitsun feast where everyone brings a dish of their own.

Saint Hans Evening 23rd of June

Saint Hans Evening is celebrated with danish manners containing shared barbecue in the evening, followed by a massive bonfire on the beach.

Grill fest 26th of August 2023

The great Grill fest is celebrated in our big fest tent at the site every year. It is to welcome the autumn and thank everyone for a great summer. participants bring their own tables, chairs and cutlery, meanwhile the food is made by the workers at the camp site. It requires a “ticket” to participate which can be bought few days before the fest.