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Prices 2022:

Adult 80,00 kr. pr. day
Children (3-13 years) 40,00 kr. pr. day
Electricity pr. day  incl. 10 kvt.             –          ekstra kvt. 5 kr 50,00 kr. pr. day
Site fees for tents is only paid in the weekend and during the period (20.6 – 31.8) 50,00 kr. pr. day
Site fees for Caravans/ Motorhomes:
On the pitches with view, the fee is paid every day all year round.


On the other pitches is the fee only paid during the weekend , holidays

and in the period (20.6 – 31.8).


Campers/caravans and motorhomes from 8m and over …

100,00 kr. pr. day.


100,00 kr. pr. day


200,00 kr. pr. day

 Reservations of pitches is only acceptable on our email with all your details or on our phone

+ 45   49 28 49 50 , best at 10 – 11 am.

Notice during the period 15.6. – 15.8. maximum 14 days stay.

Event fee 100,- per night per pitch may occur during big events in Helsingør.


Bike Rental:

Bikes can be rented at the campsite for 100 kr. per bike per day.



No smoking in cabins or service buildings

the site must be quiet between 10 pm – 08 am.